Bílý Motýl®

An integrated IS for the support of process management and manager procedures in medium-sized organisations regardless of the branch of business they are engaged in (companies conducting business in the areas of production, trade, finance, farming, transport, or construction etc.). This information system can be conveniently used also by medical and non-profit organisations. It provides support (both in terms of information and knowledge) of management and accounting procedures, enables defining implemented work processes, covers and guides all activities within the company/organisation, harmonises in-house communication between individual teams and communication of the company outwards, using advanced communication tools.
Regarding the management procedures at strategic and tactical levels, information support is focused on a sophisticated analysis of the previously obtained information with emphasis on the quality of the presentation and variety of viewpoints.

The principal aim of the Bílý Motýl® information system is information support of the business environment, where everyone has the ambition to gain and maintain competitive advantages. Information support must be based on a strategic plan in full accord with the user’s business strategy.This approach promotes the easy obtaining of important information, which enhances competitive advantages and leads to success and profit, allowing the company to surpass its rivals.

The Bílý Motýl® IS concept as a company-wide application (not a pre-defined template) and as a tool for designing and modelling new business processes is a prerequisite for information system usability in the long term.

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