Standardization of a Data Model of Components

The transaction-processing components of the IS are built on a standard data model, which is shown below. Each IS component models a real world situation using an "Actor" (supplier, customer, recipient, addressee, employee, partner, ů), Article (products, money, materials, assets, ů), and Allocation (stock, shop, bank account, cash box, ů) but also the development, changes, and history of the situation using Events (delivery, payment, placement of an order, closing a deal, remuneration, performance of work, ů), as a result of which the so-called "AAA Card", i.e. the current value, is altered.

The user-defined current values, i.e. for example the bank account balance or quantity of ordered but still not supplied materials, materials in stock, or the value of outstanding receivables, are another way to approximate the IS to an ideal data model during implementation (see information strategies).

Such standardization of the IS components allows sequencing transactions (operations) into processes through transformation, thanks to which the process can be controlled and the expected course and values, which would have to be laboriously obtained elsewhere, can be pre-filled in for the operator.

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