IS Decomposition

The information system can be primarily divided into the transaction-processing part, which operatively supports, in particular, current company processes, and the analytical part, which provides support mainly in the area of manager decision-making.
In the transaction part of the IS, the decomposition is based on the architecture of the logical composition of the IS, which comprises of an information centre and standardized components1. The principle of the difference between an information-centre-based and a non-information-centre architecture is shown in the following pictures.

IS Decomposition

The information centre controls communication between the individual components on the basis of transformations pre-defined by the user. This architecture allows not only for customisation of the existing components for support of the common business areas by a configuration of parameters but also for a comfortable integration of tailor-made components and, thus, for a true advantage over the competitors. Unlike other architectures, this one makes it possible to simply sequence the individual operations from different components into processes, which provides for workflow level support of the process operation. The picture gives examples of possible operations.

IS Decomposition

From a different viewpoint, the Bílý Motýl IS can be described as a parameter-based system with the possibility of adding tailor-made components. The pre-designed components for the support of ordinary business operations include management and monitoring of supplies of commodities, payments, stock level, cash and bank account balances, assets, write-offs, remuneration, levies, social allowances, wage deductions, postal matter, accounting, and VAT.
In addition, the pre-designed system contains a general component whose parameters can be set up to support primary business operations. The general component is more cost-efficient than a tailor-made one and can be used either on a permanent or temporary basis (before a tailor-made component is ready for operation). The general component allows for IS's customisation into an ideal data model during implementation (see information strategy).

1 First appeared in the publication [2]

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