Analytical Part of the IS

The Bílý Motýl information system also contains a management part, which involves processes pertaining to information analysis and formulation of that which underlies the manager decision-making process (OLAP). The data in this part of the IS can be obtained via a calculation on the basis of the events included in the transaction-process part of the IS. The algorithm for the calculation of statistical values and the structure of their types can be modified by the user. External IS data are transformed into the management part of the Bílý Motýl IS through the general component.

The data basis is shown below. The picture shows that the data is recorded according to the type and time in three categories behind the selectors. A selector is understood to be a user-defined identifier representing the part of the real world that is subject to the statistic monitoring. Each selector may have a hierarchic tree structure, e.g.: a BU comprising several workshops. For the purposes of many organisations it is convenient to call the selectors as follows:

Above such pre-arranged data basis, a "multidimensional cube" comprising of basically five structured dimensions can be prepared for the purposes of an analysis.

The analysis results can be presented via tools incorporated in the Bílý Motýl IS, which are directly focused on the above-described data structure and as such are user-friendly and cost-effective or via specialised manager systems such as the Media system by Speedware.

The simplest presentation method is a statement (table), from which graphs and other display tools are derived. Based on a definition of individual cells, the user is able to create such tables as required while his work will be made easier by the implicit values of the selectors, period, and type of information for the entire statement, a sheet of the statement, column, and/or line. Quite easy-to-use and beneficial is also the Excel-based presentation, whereas the integration of the Excel application into the Bílý Motýl information system is pre-designed up to the level of a definition of the individual Excel cells.

The typical uses of the analytical part of the IS include analyses of trends and analyses of structures such as:

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