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Thanks its multi-language design, the Bílý Motýl IS can be used in several language versions at the same time, i.e. each user within a computer network can select the language he prefers. In addition to descriptions, texts, sets, and control tools, the IS contains multi-language versions of significant accessory information such as stock cards, chart of accounts, etc.

Pricing allows working with various currencies and conversions based on their mutual current or historic exchange rates. The possibility to set the reference currency to a currency other than CZK allows the utilisation of the IS also abroad, which is enhanced by the system's multi-level design.

Boundaries of the IS do not have to be limited to a single company (single legal entity) but thanks to application of the organisational selector the IS can be used for several organisations, which leads to an enormous simplification of "paperwork". If the involved organisations' processes are logically linked, the work can be automated via transformation of operations.

Messaging allows for electronic communication among the users. And, what is even more important, it is possible to communicate directly over the information stored in the IS as the subject of the communication is available online.

Replications and general exports of data are tools allowing for implementation of the IS in a "wide-spread" form, i.e. distributed over several data repositories. Such application "consolidates" information within the information system using replications. On the basis of a definition of another IS's data structure, data can be imported from or exported into that system, as a result of which the two independent information systems are linked and, thus, integrated.

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