IS Control and Outputs

Another significant level of IS customisation is the configuration of IS control, i.e. management of the entry of and access to data. These functions are aimed at enhancing the operator's comfort. The Bílý Motýl offers the following tools concerning the area in question:

Template and mask are tools for more efficient entry of data into the IS by automated filling in of standard entered data or by adjusting the structure of the entered data. The user is able to prepare several templates for one type of entry and, if required, link the templates to a menu item. E.g. if a certain identical quantity of a product is frequently sold at a certain identical price, the user can expect that the template will automatically fill in the type of product, quantity, as well as the price. If also the customer and payment maturity are standard, automated issue of the complete document can be expected.

On the other hand, the mask can be used to exclude the entry of some data which are required by the IS but which the user does not want to fill in and, thus, would have to skip every time he uses the template.

Pre-defined processes, operations, and transformations contribute to the more efficient entry, into the IS, of data whose formation is expected on the basis of the previously entered data. In other words, in line with the user-formulated transformation rules, information and data stored in an operation can be used to derive the information and data of the following operation within a process. The system will fill in such data and information automatically and present the same to the user for approval. E.g. delivery notes can be derived from the relevant purchase orders.

Dynamic menu enables the user to arrange, at his discretion, and even define new functions derived from the basic ones (e.g. by the menu, template, type of operation, …), to create a menu item from selected information contained in the IS or to configure an automated generation of information based on the signalisation of the individual processes within the workflow.

Rights and authorisations ensure controlled use of the IS. The individual functions of the IS can be accessed only by authorised users. The same applies to important data, where, in particular, data in certain allocations are protected.

To protect data, the right of access can be limited to a single item within a dynamic menu by defining the "narrow" view of the database (e.g. only delivery notes for one customer or one group of customers).

The information entered in the IS can be always identified, i.e. each new piece of information entered in the information system is provided with an electronic signature according to the access password.

Data dictionary enables the user to see the primary data from a viewpoint other than that foreseen by the designers of the information system (data mining), thanks to which the user can obtain a lot of information and, thus, gain a competitive advantage at a certain moment. The number of possible user-defined viewpoints is unlimited.

Outputs throughout the IS are standard and can be, according to the output device, categorized as print outputs, which are primarily intended for printing, Internet outputs, which are primarily intended for their placement on the Intranet or for their accessing via Internet browsers, and analytical outputs, which are primarily intended for further processing in MS Excel. The structure of outputs and the layout of individual items can be defined by the user within output templates, which are then re-used.

IS documentation can be classified as printed documentation, which informs the user about basic features; the "helps" integrated in the IS, which provide on-line help concerning IS operation; and tooltips, which usually describe the meaning of a specific situation or information.

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