Customisation during Implementation

As it has been mentioned in the preceding chapters, the utility value of an IS within the specific environment is assessed on the basis of information capacity (data model), which a parametric IS should be able to customize to a certain extent. Thus, the Bílý Motýl IS provides - regarding these aspects - the following tools in addition to the previously mentioned ones:

Free card, which allows expanding any information within the IS (record) by a number of user-defined features (attributes). The definition also covers aspects of entries and displaying (label, location on the screen, implicit value, …).

External documents, which are connected to any information within the IS and as such are promptly accessible. They usually include documents produced by specialised programs such as MS Word based contracts, MS Excel based budgets, or projects prepared in the "Project" manager, etc. The documents are opened directly in the source program. They can be saved under a code in the database or at a certain location within the IT such as a reserved network disk, www sites, or the Intranet. In connection with this function, one should take notice of the already published fact that 80% of management information is external information while only 20% is internal.

Sequencing of processes involves a linking, by the user, of individual operations to form time and logical sequences in line with the specific situation and requirements during IS operation. This ensures prompt and reasonable access to operations related to each other, i.e. for example operations concerning one business case or execution of a production or trade commission.

Links of objects allow non-process linking of operations but also for linking of other information (AAA) in various contexts and meanings according to the specific situation and requirements during IS operation (e.g. an addressee having a substantial capital participation in another addressee or a plan-based event).

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