Business Process Optimalization

Process analysis (Key Business Process Analysis)

The basis for optimalization of key business processes, is the "Analysis of business processes" using the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). A proper process analysis will help mutual clarification of views on the possibilities of improving the management and business operations, increase employee performance and user experience in information system.

The purpose of process analysis is to identify information flows and processes within the company. We use business process modeling techniques. Visualization allows you to better understand the current situation, analyze it and suggest changes. Later it can used as a basis for informed decisions. For business process modeling uses BM Servis Ltd. modeling tool, Sybase PowerDesigner.

Our consultants visit customer and through consultation with involved business professionals gather information about the company operation on the market, its organizational support and processes, involvement of human resources, the assessment of the status and level of information technology may be included.  Based on these findings it is created Business Process Model.

Business Process Model (BPM)

The result of a process analysis is a Business Process Model, that describes the organization chart and the activities carried out . There are decsribed individual operations,  how they are linked with the competencies of employees, and especially information that enter into the process and influence their progress.

Process optimalization

We discuss the Business Process Model with the client to analyze  existing business processes and information attached thereto, identify critical points and propose optimized solutions.

Attention should be focused mainly on the analysis of information - where, when and in what quality are available and how they affect the process, identifying duplication, incompleteness, or poor quality of information at the beginning of processes etc. This knowledge is crucial for successful revision process and their optimal settings.

The client is often aware of actual or potential problems. Experienced consultants often can identify other irregularities, duplication or gaps of which the client may not even know. The mutual discussion leads to the design of the optimized BPM, which describes the desired target of the company.

Procedure specificiation

In conclusion, it is appropriate to specify the procedures for the transition from the current state to an optimized state. These procedures should be described and managed as projects, because it is a single unrepeatable process with well-defined goals, budgets, responsibilities and schedule.

Business Process Optimalization

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