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Key Business Processes

  • Business Procesess Planning and Management (ERP)
  • Enterprise Content and Information Management (DMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Resources and Projects Management (Knowledge Management)
  • Corporate efficiency and decision support (BI, CRM or ERP system)

What we do

  • Process analysis
  • Business process optimalization
  • Information system - ERP - White Butterfly
  • consultations, training, coaching

Who we are

  • We are software company
  • We are analysts, programmers and IT specialists
  • We are process management experts
  • We have experience
  • We enjoy our job

Who are you?

If you are a company with unique know-how, based (or with a branch) in the Czech republic, you are interested in process management  and you are looking for some help with it, or you can´t find an appropriate information system for your company,  let´s meet together! We will see, what we can do for you!

BM Servis s.r.o.Software that is worth it!


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